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Why are there so many Lions fans at Super Bowl 50?

Posted January 02, 2018 06:17:06It’s no secret the Giants will face the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, but a new study shows that many Giants fans are not only there to watch the game, but also to show their support for the team.

The study was conducted by sports psychologist Daniela Mota, who also worked with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL players during the Superbowl.

In her study, which surveyed 805 people from around the world, she found that 81% of them had watched the Giants game, and 77% of those who watched said they supported the team.

“We know that the Giants were a good football team and that they played in one of the best stadiums in the NFL,” Mota said.

“So I think the fact that a lot of these people are also there to support the team is very interesting.”

But there’s also this idea that there’s a huge contingent of people who are not there because they’re not really fans, and that’s not the case.

“A lot of people are not fans of the Giants, but are there to show support for themA lot more people than they thinkThe study also found that when asked if they supported sports teams or not, 82% of people answered yes, and only 13% said no.

However, when asked about their political leanings, 85% said they support sports teams and 14% said not.

That may be because many people have not watched the game and only know the team’s name and the team logos.

Another study from last year found that 49% of Americans had watched Super Bowl 51, and just 3% had not.

However the fact remains that the Superbowl is a huge event, with a record number of spectators expected to attend.

And it’s not just the number of people that have been watching.

There are also the people who have been on the sidelines.

Mota’s study also showed that there were 4,600 active Facebook groups dedicated to the SuperBowl.

These groups, which have over 1.5 million members, are the largest online sports fan communities, and are the subject of a new book by journalist Ryan Kiesel.

The book is called ‘Sports Fans Are the Most Important People in America.’

Kiesel wrote about these groups on his website:”The numbers for Facebook and Twitter are even more staggering: 2.2 billion active members, over 3 million Facebook pages and over 4 million Twitter accounts.

These groups represent an average of 4 million active fans each day.

And they are the most important people in America, by a large margin.

“Kiesel also noted that the number one reason why people are attending Super Bowls is for football.”

If the NFL doesn’t have fans in the stadium, or if fans aren’t attending because they don’t have tickets, there’s going to be a huge impact on the outcome of this game,” Kiesel wrote.”

It’s a great example of a phenomenon called ‘the fans effect.’

“Mota said she was not surprised by the popularity of these groups.”

I’m sure there are a lot more groups than there are fans.

They have a big reach,” she said.

The biggest groupsThe biggest group Mota studied was the Super-Bowl Super-Friends.

The group was started by former New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. and is led by actor Robert De Niro.MOTA said the SuperFriends were the largest social network in the world and their number of members exceeded 3 million.”

The SuperFriends are the main social network that has been built around this NFL team,” she wrote.

The Superfriends are a group of people, but they are not really followers, and their membership is much bigger than the number who are actually watching.

The second largest group was the Giants Super-Haters.

The Giants have been a big hit with their Super Bowl ads, which are viewed more than a billion times on the social media site.

However that doesn’t mean they are all the same.META noted that some of the biggest Super-haters include actor George Takei and former Giants quarterback Eli Manning.”

People have these theories about what they are, and I think it’s a very important question,” META said.”

When people are trying to understand why they are there, they’re very likely to be in a place where there is a team, and a team is probably a fan of the team, but not really a fan.

“Mota added that she also found it interesting that people were talking about the Giants as if they were the team when they were not.”

You see this with a lot the big names in sports,” she explained.”

There’s this assumption that it’s the team that has a fanbase and it’s all about the fans.