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Sona, Trump tweet live broadcast: “They said we were not going to get along with Russia”

Sona and Trump live broadcast a heated exchange during their Saturday morning interview in which Trump questioned her ability to handle the fallout from a CNN interview in January in which she suggested Russia could have tried to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said in a tweet Saturday that “sona” was wrong about Sona’s assertion that Russia had tried to sway the election in Trump’s favor.

Trump also said, “sonas” said the “they said” remark about the interview was a lie.

Sona told the CNN show in January that Trump had “no evidence” that Russia meddled in the election.

“He was making it up as he went along, Sona said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.

“”And it wasn’t true.

“The two continued to dispute each other’s statements.

Sonas statement was the most forceful statement on the CNN interview and it was not accurate.

The statement that I have to say was untrue.

Sonam is a liar.

“We continue to believe that Russia was responsible for the hacking of the DNC, and he believes they have a great deal of information that they will use to further their agenda. “

President Trump’s tweets on Saturday are not intended to diminish or diminish the seriousness of the president’s concerns with Russia,” the statement said.

“We continue to believe that Russia was responsible for the hacking of the DNC, and he believes they have a great deal of information that they will use to further their agenda.

President Trump has raised his concerns with Putin on numerous occasions and is confident Russia will take appropriate action to address those concerns.”

Trump also called Sonas statements about the CNN report a “fake news” story.

“She is a total liar and I have no doubt that if you saw what she said on that interview you would not be so sure that she has no evidence whatsoever that there was any interference at all,” Trump said on Fox News.

Trump, who has been a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly suggested that Russia interfered in the U.S. election to help him win.

On Saturday, he took to Twitter to suggest Sonas tweets about the report were a lie, and said that “santa” was a liar for suggesting Sonas claims of a CNN report was untrue and that she would have to be a liar to suggest otherwise.

Trump told CNN that he “would not be surprised” if CNN’s report on the DNC hack was untrue because Sonas “said so in January.”

Sonas responded on Twitter, “@realDonaldTrump, I am not sure what you would expect me to say to you on a topic like this, but that’s what I said in January.

What you did not mention was the DNC is in turmoil and has been for months.

Its not about you.”

Sona called Trump’s comments “offensive and disrespectful.”

Trump tweeted Saturday, “So why do you think the DNC would be in turmoil?

Did you not see that in January?

No collusion!”

Trump also tweeted that he had “serious concerns” about the DNC and would continue to investigate the matter.

Sonajans tweet was also an attempt to poke fun at Trump, as Sona tweeted that she had just had a “funeral.”

Trump and Sonas have previously clashed over their respective policies on immigration, which the president has called for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have been in the United States for more than five years.

Trump has said that the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, was the only candidate who would provide legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Trump tweeted in December that “the DNC wasnt doing enough to stop this illegal immigration from pouring in from Mexico and other countries.”

The tweet came a day after Trump accused the party of supporting the “criminal element” of a recent wave of attacks against Democrats in New York and Illinois.

Sonja tweeted Saturday that Trump has not said a word about her tweet about the hacked DNC emails, which she said were stolen from the DNC’s computers.

“I had a very hard time getting that through to the president because I didnt think it was true,” Sonajas tweeted.

Sonats statement on CNN was not an accurate assertion, but he is not saying that the CNN story was false.

He is simply stating that the network did not verify the story was accurate.

He said that he is also “sickened” that the media is not asking his full thoughts about the matter, and that his tweet was not intended “to diminish the gravity of the situation or disparage his presidency.”

Sonaja tweeted: “The president is right.

I am sickened by the constant negative press covfefe.

He’s wrong about covfefee and he’s wrong that the DNC was not doing enough.

He should have been more careful.”

Sonayas tweets are inaccurate.

The only thing he said is that the news was inaccurate.

He was just trying to make a point.

— Sona Sona