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Why the NBA could be worth $1B in 2019, with $900M in attendance

The NBA could end up worth $900 million this year if attendance continues to grow.

This number comes from an analysis of revenue from the NBA’s online-only live events, which has been around for nearly 10 years.

The report says that NBA attendance has increased each year, reaching a peak in 2019 with 1.5 million people tuning in for the league’s opening night.

But the average ticket price for a game last year was $7, which would have been about $400 million.

If those tickets continue to sell out, the NBA would earn about $600 million in 2019.

It would be the second-highest amount in NBA history, behind the $1.7 billion it earned last year. 

The average NBA ticket price peaked in 2017 with $1,200 per game.

Now, the average price is $7 and could reach $900 in 2019 according to the analysis.