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Why did Jesus get a big kick out of being killed by Judas?

Blued Live: On the eve of Jesus’ crucifixion, his followers were attacked by the Judas men.

But they were too weak to kill him, and Judas left them.


Why did he get a kick out in the midst of a huge crowd?

Here are five of the things that made him kill Judas.


Judas took an oath to betray Jesus and was killed by him.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus’ mother Mary, Jesus’, and his two sisters are all killed in a mob by Judases men.

The only way they could have survived was for Jesus to kill them.

It was also important that Jesus would be killed by the men of his own sect, the disciples.

This is a reference to the fact that the followers of Jesus were the same sect as the Judases, which meant that Jesus could have been killed by them too.


Judases blood was used for healing and healing was a big deal in the ancient world.

A lot of things in the Bible were meant to be symbolic, so the fact they were healed by their own blood is important.

For example, when Jesus was taken to be crucified, his mother, Mary, washes his feet.

Her blood was the most powerful healing agent, and it was given to him as a sign of her faith in him.

But the blood of Judas was also used as an ingredient in many medical treatments.

Jesus, the father of the Messiah, was a physician, and the Romans used him to treat their own citizens, who were suffering from chronic disease.

And since Jesus was killed at the hands of the Romans, his blood could not have been used for medicine or healing.


The Judas cult had a huge following, and there were people who wanted to kill Jesus too.

The Romans had a lot of enemies in the Christian world.

So they wanted to find a way to kill the Messiah and they had Judas followers.

They wanted to make Jesus a martyr.

But what they didn’t realize was that the Jews were a religious and spiritual people, and if they killed Jesus, they would be hurting the whole of the Christian religion.

Jesus and his followers had to die, and their blood was given as a symbol of their faith in the Messiah.


The Jews were also looking to kill their Messiah.

They were interested in taking the Messiah to Babylon, which was the Babylonian Empire, and then killing him in a fiery fire.

But this would have meant that their Messiah was crucified in the desert.

Jesus’ followers, the Apostles, were already living in Jerusalem, so there were other ways to kill Him.

And they also had Judases followers, who would have had to kill Judases disciples.

But Jesus and the apostles were not killed by these enemies, so their blood could have healed them too, and they would have been healed too.


The fact that Jesus was crucited in a crowd of Christians, and was being burned with the same kind of fiery fire that he was being crucified with, was very important to the Romans.

This was also a symbol for their faith.

And the fact he was crucated in a large crowd of Jews, in which they could easily have killed him, made him a martyr in the eyes of the Jews.

So Jesus’ blood could be used as a cure for all sorts of ailments and diseases.

But he was not killed because of any of that.

He was killed because he betrayed Jesus.