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Why are they all in one place?

When the Senate is in session, all senators are expected to meet together in the Senate chamber, where they sign off on bills and vote on amendments.

However, some senators do not always stay together.

This can be caused by a number of factors, such as when a senator has a scheduled appointment or meeting with the leader of the opposition party.

But one senator’s absence can be just as damaging as any other.

Here are the 10 senators who have gone missing in Canberra.


Malcolm Turnbull: The Opposition leader has been absent from the Senate for a month.

He is currently on the trip to the Philippines.

He has not been in Canberra since December 18, and has been unable to be seen in the Parliament since.


David Leyonhjelm: Leyonwelm is the leader in the Liberal Party, and is the deputy leader of government in the Lower House.

He is scheduled to travel to Canberra on January 13.


Malcolm Roberts: Roberts is the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Intelligence-related matters.

He was the chairman for two years before he resigned last month.

He will be travelling to Canberra for the Christmas break, which is his last in the upper house.


Nigel Scullion: Scullions was appointed to the Senate in 2015 and was elected as an independent in 2016.

He resigned as a senator in June this year.


Nick Xenophon: Xenophon is the South Australian Senator for the Independent Party and the Liberal National Party.

He previously held the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Xenophon is expected to travel back to Australia for the holidays.


Nick Clegg: Clegg is the former Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

He joined the Liberal party in 2012 and served as its leader from December 2018 until May 2019.

Clegg has not visited Canberra since February this year, and his absence has led to speculation that he may not be in the chamber this time.


Scott Ludlam: Ludlam is the Member for South Australia and a former Liberal senator.

He had been absent since January 20, 2019, and was not able to be spotted in the State Parliament until February this week.


James Paterson: Paterson is the Australian Parliamentary Commissioner for Parliamentary Services.

He announced in January that he will be visiting Canberra for a visit to the National Library.

Paterson will be leaving Australia for Australia on March 3.


Peter Dutton: Dutton was appointed Deputy Prime Minster in September 2017, and served in the role until June 2020.

He returned to the role in February 2019.

He spent the previous three months away from the Parliament after he was suspended from Parliament by the Government in January 2019.

Dutton is expected back to Canberra this week for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.


Loke Lingwari: Lingwaris was the leader for the Democratic Party in the lower house of Parliament for three years from November 2017 until November 2020.

His absence from Canberra for more than a month has raised questions over his mental health.