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How to watch the Australian Open live on ABC and online: Fox Sports 3

How to Watch The Australian Open Live On Fox Sports: Follow all the steps below to watch live on Fox Sports on a mobile device, tablet, PC or console.

Do not try to watch via an app or watch online.

Please note that this will not allow you to watch online on the FOX Sports app.

You will need to use an external app or a FOX Sports TV subscription.

To stream live online from FOX Sports, follow the steps here.

Do Not Use The FOX Sports App To Watch Live On FOX Sports: To stream from FOX SPORTS you will need an app from Apple or Android.

To watch online, you will also need a subscription from FOX.

Please follow these steps to watch through the app.


Connect To Your TV & Broadcast Station To access your live stream from your TV, make sure that your broadcast station is available for viewing.

If your broadcast channel is not listed, then you will have to make sure your channel is available to watch on FOX Sports.


Select Your Sports Channel To access a live stream of your FOX Sports programming, follow these instructions: 3.

Select The FOX Channel To view your FOXSports.com live stream, select your FOX channel and click on the arrow next to the Sports Feed.

If you do not see your channel in the Sports feed, you may need to sign into your FOX account.


Select Watch Live or Skip To Next Stream: If you need to skip to the next live stream on your FOX SPORTS.com, select Skip To next Stream.

To skip to a particular stream, you can click on that stream and select the arrow on the right of that stream to skip.


Click on Next Stream to see the live stream and a link to download the channel.

Please make sure you have the latest versions of FOX Sports apps installed on your phone or tablet.

To download the FOXSports app for iOS or Android, click on this link to sign up.