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How to use the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund live broadcast live on your mobile device or computer

This week, the Senate voted to fund the federal government’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation (FWC) fund, which is designed to help states manage their wildlife populations.

It also included a provision that would allow the FWC to set up a fund for a national fishery conservation fund.

While the Senate did not approve the legislation itself, it did vote to allow the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWS) to establish a new fund for this purpose.

A second vote to fund FWC would need 60 votes to pass the House, where the bill faces an uncertain fate.

The FWC is a federal agency that oversees fisheries and preserves wildlife populations across the country.

It has been set up to fund conservation efforts for endangered species, such as bald eagles and the California condor, as well as those on federal lands.

The FWC has spent $14.6 billion to protect wildlife over the past 50 years.

The Senate also passed a budget amendment in June that would have increased the FWS’s budget by $2.3 billion over the next decade.

The amendment is still pending in the House.

But the Senate was split over the funding, with Republicans supporting the legislation and Democrats opposing it.

In addition to the Senate vote, the House approved the Fish Conservation Fund amendment in March.

With the Senate voting in support of the Senate’s proposal, the White House released a statement calling the vote a “historic day” and saying that the administration will work with Congress to develop a plan to fund Fish &amt.

“The Fish &Amt Fund was established to ensure that the federal wildlife and fisheries agencies continue to protect the health and safety of wildlife populations and preserve wild places, both on the federal and tribal lands,” White House spokesman Mark Regev said in a statement.

“The Fish Conservation Act is an important tool for the administration to support the Fish, Wildlife and Water Conservation Fund, which will help the federal agencies to keep wildlife populations in check and to support conservation efforts that are critical to the conservation of wildlife in the United States.”