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How to stream the UStream live broadcaster stream on your iOS device

Apple TV users will soon be able to stream UStream on their devices via their iOS devices, with Apple’s iOS 9 beta releasing today.

Ustream is the streaming media app that Apple’s recently acquired streaming service XBMC has been testing on its iOS and Mac platforms.

XBLC users will be able stream the app’s content via their Apple TV, iPhone, and iPod touch, according to a statement provided by Apple.

The app will be integrated into the Apple TV’s remote control interface in a similar way to Apple’s existing Remote app for Android.

Apple’s latest beta for XBLS will include the ability to stream content through the app on a number of devices, including the Apple Watch, Apple TV with Retina Display, AppleTV 2, and Apple TV via AirPlay.

The beta will be available in the U.S. and Canada on the Apple iTunes App Store.

The Ustream beta also includes a number new features, including an updated search bar that can be used to search for and view media and apps from any device.

Ustream also includes an improved “Watch and View” mode that allows users to view content from their Apple Watch while watching on a TV or on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The beta also brings improved support for the Apple Remote app on iOS, which is now fully integrated into Ustream.

Previously, users could only access the app by going into the TV’s settings and tapping “Remote” from the list of apps.

With Ustream, Apple has introduced a new, more natural user interface for users to navigate their media and content, and more content is being brought to the app from outside of the iTunes Store.

Users will be encouraged to try out the beta to see what’s new, but the beta will remain available to those with an Apple TV.

Apple is also releasing the new iOS 9 software update, which will bring iOS 9 features such as the ability for devices to control the playback of apps from a remote and the ability “to watch a full-screen version of an app” on the TV.

The new update is scheduled to be rolled out to users this week.