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What is it? Live streaming video service for live music and podcasts

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Today, Google is officially rolling out Alexa voice recognition for Alexa devices, beginning with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Pro.

The company has made this announcement in a blog post titled “Google Assistant for Alexa on the Google Home” that describes how the new voice service will work.

“We’ve added voice recognition to our Alexa app to let users ask Google to do things like tell them when a song is playing, tell them to change their location, or ask the Google Assistant for directions,” Google wrote.

“This means that users can ask Alexa to play the latest songs, play music, or tell Alexa about a new event, and get a response instantly.”

The new Alexa service will allow users to ask Google’s voice assistant to do a wide variety of things, from asking a person to help them find their car, ask them for directions, or request a pizza delivery, to ask it to play an audio clip of the weather, or read aloud a message from a loved one.

The Google Home will be able to tell users what to listen to, what to do, and what to read aloud in a list of possible actions.

For example, it could ask Alexa about the weather or ask for directions to a nearby pizza place.

Alexa will also be able “listen to music on your phone or computer through the Google Music app, and read aloud your favorite music or audio files on your smart speakers,” the company wrote.

The Echo Dot and Echo Pro will be the first devices to be able play music through Alexa.

Alexa also works with the Google search app, which can do voice search for you.