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How to get impeached: GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants to see his party impeached

Republicans have voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a number of reasons, including obstruction of justice.

And with Democrats already holding the White House and the Senate, they could be in position to force the president to resign before their first anniversary in power.

But how long would it take to remove the president?

The Senate could impeach Trump within days if they were to choose a president in the middle of a presidential election year, according to Politico.

And it would take weeks to find someone willing to be removed from office by the Senate.

If they didn’t find someone, Trump could be impeached for obstruction of a federal investigation or a crime.

The Senate could even impeach him for lying under oath about what he knew about the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according the New York Times.

Here are a few other questions and answers:What if the president is impeached and the House passes the resolution?

The House would then pass a resolution impeaching Trump and convicting him of the crimes under impeachment.

But if the Senate passed the resolution, the president could still be impeachable, according Politico.

The only way the House could convict Trump would be if it chose to.

What if a Senate-passed impeachment resolution was vetoed by the president, and he later signed it?

The president could veto the House’s resolution and then have it sent back to the Senate for another vote.

But he would be forced to sign the resolution and take office in the same manner as he did on the day he vetoed it.

What happens if a House-passned impeachment resolution passes the Senate?

If the House and Senate pass impeachment resolutions, the Senate would then have the ability to convict the president.

However, the House would still have to convict him.

The president would then need to resign or be removed by the House.

What is a “super majority” and why does it matter?

The term “supermajority” refers to a majority of three-fifths of the Senate in a Senate seat.

It’s the number needed to get a motion to impeached from the House, which would then go to the President for a trial.

The House would be required to pass a bill to impeaute the president before the trial would begin.

What’s the difference between impeachment and criminal trial?

The impeachment process is different than the criminal trial process, which is a court proceeding that can take days or weeks to resolve.

A trial typically involves a grand jury, which convenes to hear testimony and determine whether the president has committed a crime, and is therefore subject to indictment.