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Bitcoin and Amazon Live Video: What’s the deal?

Bitcoin and the digital currency Amazon Live video streaming service launched today, which allows users to watch a wide variety of live TV broadcasts, including the BBC, The Today Show, BBC News, ABC News, CNN, ABC World News, Fox News, PBS NewsHour, CNBC, CNN Kids, NBC Nightly News, BBC World News and more.

The service offers an extensive catalog of live events, including football matches, concerts, sports, comedy, documentaries, and more, as well as local sports and celebrity shows.

The live stream service also offers a variety of premium channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, HBO, AMC, TBS, AMC GO, Comedy Central, TLC, Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, History, Food and Wine, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, Nickelo, Comedy, Comedy Bang!

Bang!, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, Syfy, BBC America, AMC Now, ESPN, TNT NOW, FXX, Cinemax, Showtime, Disney XD, VH1, truTV, SyFy, HBO GO, FX, SyFY, CNN and Discovery Channel. 

This week, the service launched with a handful of live sports events including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NFLPA, NBA.com, NHL, NHL.com and NHL.tv.

In addition, there are several other live events on the service, including UFC, UFC2, UFC Fight Night, UFCW, UFCT, UFCWeekend, UFCFighters, UFCB, UFCX, UFCU, UFC3 and UFC4. 

A few of the new live TV shows are: Monday Night Football (FOX, 8:00 p.m.), NFL Network (ESPN, 9:00 a.m.) 

Tuesday Night Football: The Bachelor (ABC, 8 p.n.) 

Wednesday Night Football with Matt Ryan (FOX Sports 1, 9 p.s.), The Bachelor with Michelle Beadle (ABC Family, 9 a.n.), Celebrity Big Brother (ABC) Thursday Night Football, The Bachelor, and Celebrity Big Bachelorette (ABC Network, 9 pm.) 

Friday Night Football on ESPN (ESPN at 8:30 p.p.) 

Saturday Night Football – NFL Network, NFL Network NFL Countdown, NFL Fantasy (ESPN NFL Insider, 9-11 p.a.), NFL Week 4, NFL Kickoff (ESPN) Sunday Night Football (ESPN at 9 p.) 

Monday Countdown (ESPN), NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning (NFL Network) Monday NFL Countdown (CBS, 9am-1pm) Wednesday NFL Countdown (CBS, 1-3:30pm), NFL Nation (ESPNU, 10am-11am) Saturday NFL Countdown  (CBS) Tuesday NFL Countdown(ESPN), NBC NFL Countdown with Chris Berman (ESPN2, 10 a.p.), NFL Game Pass (ESPN App, 9 am-11 am), NFL GamePass Live (NFL Pass, 9pm-12:30am) and NFL Gamepass (NFL Mobile, 11-12 a.r.) 

ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT (9 p.i.), ESPN2 Extra (8 p.l.), TNT2 (8:30-10 p.y.), ESPNU (7:30 a.s.) 

ABC News (9:30a.-11:30p.) 

 ABC News Sunday (9-11 a.l.) 

NBC News (11 a., 1-2 p.), NewsCenter (11 a.), Sunday Night Football  (9 p.), Sunday NFL Countdown  with Adam Schefter (ESPN1, 9) CBS This Morning (8-10 a.g.), CBS Evening News (8 a., 8-9 a.) 

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (8, 8-10) NBC Sports Network (9 a., 2-4 p.) 

 CBS Sports Network (8 a.d., 11 a.) 

 CNN (6-8 p.)CBS Sports Net (9, 11 p.)